Accounting the Next Step

Konni Wallace ENMU Accounting Professor. The Chase Photo: Gabrielle Smith

There are many clubs and organizations here on campus that can cater to just about any hobby or future career choice.

The Accounting and Financing club here at ENMU is dedicated in helping students develop skills and career opportunities after college. The advisor for the club is accounting professor Konni Wallace. Her role is to help and to encourage accounting and finance students to join the club, because this club can offer valuable information for the members.

It is important for students in the club to network, and a way for students to do that is through ENMU alumni. Wallace said, “One thing we do a lot is have alumni come back who are working here in the community and [can] give a perspective of what life after college is like.” This gives the members of the club an opportunity to ask questions and receive advice. Wallace explained that the students also take trips to businesses and accounting firms nearby to gain outside viewpoints on what this career path could entail, and to continue to build their networking circle. Wallace mentioned that some of the firms such as Barr and Co., located in Roswell, and Johnson, Miller and Co., located in Hobbs, do a lot of their recruiting from ENMU. This gives the students an opportunity to meet accountants and potentially get a job at one of these firms after graduation.

The president of the club, Hannah Poling, who is majoring in accounting, mentioned that being able to talk to people who have majored in the accounting and financing fields is helpful. Learning from people who have been in the field and are a part of an actual accounting firm can give an awareness of what real life in the career is like. Some of her responsibilities as president of the club is to help organize the meetings, speakers and field trips.

Since the club is small, consisting of 10 to 15 students due to most of them being online students, the club is seeking to expand. One way the club is trying to grow is by posting their meetings on a Mediasite classroom. By posting their meetings online to students, they are reaching out to other future accounting and financing majors and it still allows them to participate in the club. This club is made for students to develop skills as well as practice taking the Uniform Certified Public Accounting Exam, which is required to secure a job in this field.

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