Eating on Campus

Brewed Awakening in the Education Building has permanently closed. The Chase Photo: Matthew Dale.

If you are looking for a place to eat a meal, you have plenty of options that can be found all over campus. At these places, you can also find snacks, coffee and other drinks.

The Zime Bistro can be found in the Jack Williamson Liberal Arts Building. Zime is open from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Many frequent customers of Zime say they specifically go there because of the many healthy food options. Zime has a variety of sandwiches, salads and soups, all of which are healthy. There are also a variety of drinks available to choose from. One student said he goes to Zime because he has little time between classes and the bistro is located in a good spot close to both classes. Zime is also a great place to study; there are plenty of tables, so it’s a great spot have lunch while studying or doing schoolwork.

In the Golden Student Success Center, Einstein Bros. Bagels is open every day, so there are plenty of chances to try all the different items on their huge menu. Aside from just having bagels (from which they can make breakfast sandwiches) they have pastries that make for a great breakfast. For lunch, they have a variety of sandwiches and salads, and they also have dessert pastries that can make for a nice snack at any time. To drink, they have a large variety of coffees. One staff member said people are drawn there because the employees “are super friendly,” and because they have products that are not available at the other cafes on campus. Many students mentioned that the location of Einstein’s was perfect because they don’t have to go far to get a snack while taking a break from studying.

There are multiple cafés located in the Campus Union Building including the Crossroads Dining Hall and the WOW Café. The WOW Café has a variety of food such as burgers and salads. The Greyhound Café in the CUB has a Starbucks and a variety of pastries and baked goods that were once available in the Education Building’s Brewed Awakening coffee shop, which recently closed. The CUB is one of the most heavily trafficked areas on campus. The CUB draws so many people because there are a number of offices located in the building, and many of the campus events are held in the building. The CUB is also a great place to meet up with people, and there are plenty of places to sit in the dining hall and the lobby so it’s not likely that you will have trouble finding a place to sit.

There are plenty of restaurant options on campus, so you should never have to worry about finding food you will like.

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