ENMU Career Counseling Services

Wendy Gillman the Career Outreach Counselor at ENMU. The Chase Photo: Gabrielle Smith.

Transitioning out of college life and into the workforce can be a tricky adjustment without any guidance.

Here at Eastern New Mexico University, there are counseling services to aid in preparing for the future outside of college. Wendy Gillman is the Career Outreach Counselor who assists students in developing a resume, interview skills, preparation, searching for career opportunities and much more.

These services are open to any student on campus looking for guidance on a career path. Students do not have to know exactly what they want to study when they come to ENMU. This service can help students discover a degree that is right for them. “If you’re an undecided person, I can advise you as to your classes as well as to help you with career exploration,” Gillman explained. She mentioned that the on-campus counseling services are available to help make life easier throughout the school year and even after graduation.

As the semester moves on, Gillman mentioned that a way for students to stay positive and worry less about the pressures of the school year is to create short term goals. She went on and said that short-term goals should be completed within a day or two. Making manageable goals throughout the semester can be more progressive and help students persevere to the end instead of looking at the semester as a whole, which can deter some.

Still recently new to the campus, Gillman explained that her focus is helping students come up with major decisions based on understanding who they are and what they want as well as understanding the actual workforce. She also mentioned that self-awareness combined with practical awareness is vital in order to help students understand what they want as a potential career. In order for students to get more use out of this service, she plans on promoting the career counseling services and making it more visible for the future. Gillman mentioned that she doesn’t always expect students to come to her, so she has been talking to department chairs in hopes of becoming a part of all senior seminar classes.

Any student looking for career guidance can stop by room 232 in the Student Academic Services building located next to the Administrative Building. Exploring a career to pursue should be fun and not a hassle. Gillman mentioned that she is preparing to have workshops throughout the semester for the students to learn about the counseling services. Taking advantage of on-campus resources can lend a helping hand in developing skills that can prepare a student for the future.

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