ENMU Students and Staff Choose Who They Would Meet from the Past

Who would you choose to meet if you could pick anyone from any point in history? From asking around the campus of Eastern New Mexico University, that’s a tougher question than it seems at first glance.

“I would want to meet the composer Leonard Bernstein because he was such an influential figure in music,” said Roger Kemp, a junior in the music education program at ENMU. Bernstein was known for his music from Peter Pan, West Side Story and On the Town, among others.

“I think he was the best musician of the 20th century. His music was so revolutionary for the time, especially his musical theater. His conducting was also in the top of his field,” Kemp continued.

“That’s a hard question…there’s just so many,” stated Betsy Chavez, ENMU Retention Coordinator. She decided that she would choose to meet a famous writer, although not just one in particular.

“What inspired them to even think about writing, and why did they write, are my questions,” Chavez said. Along with that, she is curious why the rules of grammar are the way they are.

“That’s a tough question – just one person?” asked ENMU communication professor Josh Bramlett.

“I think I would just go back, as far back as humanity can go, and talk to somebody from 10,000 years ago, or 100,000 years ago, just to see how similar we were…Ben Franklin said ‘imitate Socrates and Jesus,’ so I guess having a conversation with Socrates, Jesus and Ben Franklin would be pretty cool,” Bramlett stated after some pondering and discussion.

“I would certainly do more listening than talking to whoever it would be,” he concluded, which is sound advice to anyone who could meet anyone to whom they looked up.

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