Multicultural Affairs Starts New Semester With Mix and Mingle

A diverse range of students meet in the Multicultural Affairs Lounge in the Student Union. Photo by Bethany Gonzales.

Multicultural Affairs kicked off the spring semester this year with a Chicken and Fries Welcome event on Jan. 30 in order to have students meet the diverse makeup of Eastern New Mexico University.

Multicultural Affairs aims to celebrate and provide resources for our school’s African American, Native American, Hispanic and International students. Of course, all students were invited to the event to enjoy some fried chicken and spirited, friendly conversation.

Annabel Jauregui, Administrative Assistant for Multicultural Affairs, spoke about her experience with the department. “I have always been open to new things and cultures,” she said. “But working here has allowed me to meet students from all around the world. If anything, it has made me want to travel and experience new cultures and embrace myself and gain even more understanding. I love learning about other cultures, and I think it makes you more well-rounded when interacting with other people.”

Office Coordinator Damieanus Ochola, who hails from Kenya, was particularly charismatic as he encouraged students to participate in the upcoming Black Excellence competition. “If nobody else enters, I am going to win,” he joked. “I want to give you guys a chance!”

The office of Multicultural Affairs has worked hard to foster a welcoming and diverse environment for students. For Black History Month, African American Affairs is hosting several events throughout February. Schedules can be found on the bottom floor of the CUB, just past the lounge.

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