From the Streets to ENMU

In honor of this year’s Black History month, Eastern New Mexico

University’s Student Affairs Office has offered a line-up of motivational

and insightful events. One of these upcoming events is motivational

speaker Monti Washington’s “From the Streets to the Stage”

presentation coming to ENMU Feb. 26.

Students have a great deal to look forward to at this event, according to

Samuel Coronado, a coordinator on the Associated Student Activities

Board. The board is in charge of choosing which events come to ENMU,

and upon hearing Washington’s speech at an event, Coronado shared

that he and the rest of the coordinators were all in tears by the end of it.

“We were all so inspired by his story,” said Coronado.

Their inspiration was more than understandable to any who know

Washington’s story. According to his page on the Contemporary Issues

Agency website, Washington grew up in poverty and experienced much

abuse within the foster care system. These were only a few of the many

challenges he faced in his young years. Despite his many obstacles,

Washington beat the odds and has created a successful career for

himself. Not only did he graduate college, but he did so with two

degrees. He is a nationally recognized actor, poet, model and

motivational speaker. He is also the co-founder of a non-profit

organization created to inspire today’s youth called

While speaking about why students should attend the event, Coronado

explained, “I think it’s very powerful. Students need to understand that

where you are isn’t where you’re going. If you can humble yourself and

understand that this is all part of a journey that you’re on – that’s when

real growth starts to happen.” He went on to say that he believes many

youth of today are confused about who they are and confused about their

identity, and in this way become impressionable and influenced by

whatever they are surrounded by, “I think Monti’s a great source to

shake people out of that,” he continued. “He’s very nurturing, but he’s

also very motivational.” Coronado said he believes Washington’s

presentation will fuel honest self-evaluation from which many students

will benefit. Coronado expressed the feeling that Washington’s

presentation invoked in him and his fellow coordinators. “We left that

event feeling like, ‘we just want to go out save the world!’”

Students can look forward to attending the “From the Streets to the

Stage” event for free with their student ID. It will be held in the Campus

Union Building Ballroom at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 26.

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