Scholarship Money Available Through Foundation

The ENMU Foundation has over 250 scholarship available. The Chase Photo: Matthew Dale

The Eastern New Mexico University Foundation gives out many scholarships each year,

some of which are awarded by default because only one student applied, or go unused because

no one applied. This scholarship money could be used as a way to pay for college instead of

using your own money or taking out a loan.

According to ENMU Foundation Executive Director, Noelle Bartl, all a potential

applicant needs is their student I.D. and access to their student portal. The online application

walks students step-by-step through the process. She also mentioned that an applicant might be

prompted to write essays, and she recommends that an applicant saves their essay in a Microsoft

Word document just in case something happens while saving the application. This also makes it

available when the student has the opportunity to update it the next time they apply. Many of the

boxes on the application are already filled in after logging on from information provided by

enrollment services, and this can help speed up the time it takes to fill out the application. After

this, there are some additional questions that have to be manually answered.

After answering all of the questions, applicants are assigned a list of scholarships that

they qualify for, based on the questions they have already answered. The last step is adding

essays or reference letters to the application.

There are over 250 scholarships in total, some of which are available for any major, while

others are only available for specific majors. There are some that are only available for certain

students, such as athletes. There are also some scholarships that are contributed to by donors

outside the university. Many of the scholarships can have multiple recipients; however, Bartl

mentioned sometimes only one person—or no one—ends up applying for some of the


The range of scholarship money is from $50 to $5,000 dollars. Most of the scholarships

fall under two types: endowed, and the ones funded annually by outside donors. When donations

are made to the annually funded scholarships, the university does not require any fees be paid, so

all of the money that is donated is used for the scholarhip.

For more information on applying for scholarships, visit the ENMU Foundation on the corner of

South Avenue K and West 3rd Street.

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