An ENMU Senior’s Outlook

February 24, 2020


ENMU student Catalina Arana-Mendoza.The Chase Photo: Gabrielle Smith

Attending a university is an exciting new adventure for most, but what comes after?
Senior year means preparing and looking for the next step after graduation. Catalina Arana-
Mendoza is a senior here at Eastern New Mexico University, and soon she approaches
graduation. She explained her plans after graduation and what incoming students should look for
when choosing career field and gave some advice on how to enjoy their college experience. She
will graduate with a bachelor’s in Spanish.

Arana-Mendoza works as the co-coordinator for Hispanic Affairs at the Multicultural Affairs
office on campus. She mentioned this is where she discovered a love for working with people.
She said, “It never clicked that the things I do for the office are things that someone with a public
relations degree does for their career.” Learning this, she plans to pursue public relations degree
in her master’s program. She mentioned that receiving a degree in something that a student loves
doing and is extremely important and worth more than a paycheck.

As senior year comes to a close and preparing for the next step becomes the only step left, it can
be sad yet rewarding. Arana-Mendoza is very passionate about her Spanish major. “Learning
about all of the different Spanish-speaking countries and their history…learning more in-depth
about it is really an amazing thing,” she said. “It’s also such a beautiful language.” Arana-
Mendoza made clear that it does not matter what an individual is studying in college or what
they plan to do after—as long as it is something that the student is passionate about and will

Advising future students, Arana-Mendoza said, “Get involved, go out of your comfort zone,
because we tend to stay in our shell throughout college…putting yourself out there, not only to
build up your resume, but as well as getting new experiences.” She also mentioned that making
an effort to learn more about others is valuable. She mentioned that her job has helped her in
“getting to know people from other countries and learning about others…realizing that you can
express yourself with so much freedom and not having to be scared of what other people are
going to think of you.”

Arana-Mendoza wouldn’t be pursuing a master’s degree in public relations if she never got the
chance to experience the field by working in the Multicultural Affairs office.



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