Sophomores Celebrate Making It Halfway to Graduation

February 24, 2020

Samuel Coronado and Daire Chacon Jacobo both won a scholarship.The Chase Photo: Matthew Dale


On Thursday, Feb. 13, the Advising Center at Eastern New Mexico University hosted its
“Halfway There Celebration” for ENMU sophomores in the Campus Union Building. The event
celebrated sophomores making it halfway to graduation.

At the event, there were games, prizes, food and drinks. The game was a version of bingo
in which participants collected information to fill in the places on their bingo cards. They
collected information from the departments that had set booths for the games. The departments
included tutoring, alumni association, advising, counseling, financial services and study abroad.
To win the game, a participant had to find the information for five boxes in a row. Some of the
booths had items like water bottles, pens and pencils that could be given out.

A number of door prizes were raffled off to attendees. The prizes were also donated by
different departments, businesses and a couple of individuals. The prizes included mugs, water
bottles, sunglasses, T-shirts, sunglasses, phone chargers and jump drives. There were also gift
cards for Dominos, McDonald’s, Taco Box, Sonic and Something Different Grill, and for the
campus bookstore. The two biggest prizes available were scholarships. ENMU Chancellor Jeff
Elwell donated two scholarships that were raffled off, each worth $213 in reference to the
event’s date: Feb. 13. Samuel Coronado and Daire Chacon Jacobo were the winners of the

The first of two keynote speakers at the celebration was Jamie Laurenz, vice president of
Academic Affairs. He discussed the importance of thinking ahead, in regard to school and future
careers. “It’s never too early to start thinking about your first job,” Laurenz said. He also
mentioned it is good to start thinking about your potential job now as a way to prepare for the
future. Also, knowing what kind of career you want in the future could encourage you to take
classes that may be outside of your major that could enhance your resume.

The second speaker was Tres Segler, head men’s basketball coach. His speech was
focused on the importance of making connections in college, with classmates and even with a
mentor. Segler concluded his speech: “Be a human, impact someone.”


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