Educators Make Sure Their Voices are Heard

Hailee Mogelnicki, Hannah Kamphuis, Kylie Colvill, and Andrew Sanchez, members of the Voices of Educators, shared information about the history of the organization and their future aspirations. The Chase Photo: Rebecca Darrup

When it comes to community service, members of the Voices of Educators group at Eastern New Mexico University can usually be found in the thick of it. Between the commitments of their busy schedules, students in undergraduate and graduate programs make time for weekly meetings and several events throughout the school year.

Starting at ENMU around 2009, Kathie Good is the current advisor of the organization. Originally, the program was intended for students on the education track, whether as a major or a minor. That included elementary education, special education and secondary education. Around 2017, however, the group expanded their membership to anyone with a desire to be involved in community service, and have since added students from the business and social work fields to the group as well. “Every major and every field, you’re an educator either way,” said Andrew Sanchez, a graduate student and the president of Voices of Educators.

Their weekly meetings consist of recapping the events of the last week and a time for open discussion, particularly for hot topics in the education field. It allows students to help each other prepare for milestones in their education, such as changes in the testing system to be licensed to teach after graduation. They also take time during meetings to plan for upcoming events. Voices of Educators hosts the Scholastic Book Fair on campus and run a drive for food baskets for Thanksgiving. Creating a float for homecoming in the fall is a hands-down favorite of the group. Working together to build the float brings the group closer and helps new members to make new friends and find their niche in the organization.

“We always like getting our ‘Most Beautiful’ floats,” stated Kylie Colvill, who is a junior and the Voices secretary.

Participating in the group helps students to find their way in life, whether that’s in or out of the education field. Speaking about their future goals, Colvill plans to become a museum curator, and Sanchez intends to be a guidance counselor. Hailee Mogelnicki wants to be a teacher, and Hannah Kamphuis has a goal to teach on military bases, as she grew up in a military family. In March, members of the Voices of Educators will help entertain and distract students while their projects are judged for the regional science fair.

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