Students Look Forward to a Pause on School

With midterms quickly approaching, the semester is in full swing and many students are itching for some well-deserved time off from studying. Luckily, spring break for Eastern New Mexico University falls the week after midterms, March 9-13.

Samantha Molina, a freshman at ENMU majoring in art, is looking forward to her first spring break in college. She said that her semester has been busy with what can feel like a never-ending load of homework. As an art major, her classes require a great deal of creative energy, which can cause her sleep schedule to suffer. “Art [can be] really weird. Early in the morning when you have time, you won’t get a good idea, but then, like at 2 a.m., it just comes, so you have to do it at 2 a.m.,” she said. “Sometimes, you just can’t force it.” As far as spring break goes, she said, “I’m looking forward to sleep and actually doing something for me, and also some time off where I don’t have to do anything too mentally taxing.” She encouraged other students who might be feeling tired or stressed to take their assignments one at a time, and to not get overwhelmed by thinking that they have to accomplish everything at once.

For Jamar Claibourn, an ENMU senior on the football team from Sacramento, Calif., spring break does not necessarily mean leisure time. In years past, he has been able to fly home to see his family. But this year, Claibourn is focusing his time off from school toward preparing for his future. As a senior, his career in college football ended with the season last fall. He plans to spend his break working out and training, in hopes of landing a professional spot in football. Claibourn said that not seeing his family this spring break will be difficult; but he has learned to get used to being away for long periods of time. As far as school goes, he said he was glad to have a fairly relaxed semester where he has been able to stay caught up on his responsibilities. He gave advice to fellow students, perhaps those looking forward to their first college spring break, by encouraging them to savor the moment. “Enjoy your time in college because it does go by fast. It seems like yesterday I was a freshman and now I’m a senior,” he said. “Enjoy your spring break!”

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