Graduate Student Presents Stress Management Workshop

David Silva, the stress management workshop presenter. The Chase Photo: Matthew Dale

On Tuesday, Feb. 25, graduate student David Silva presented a stress management workshop in the Golden Student Success Center at Eastern New Mexico University to provide tips on how to manage stress through scheduling and smart studying. Silva was the perfect person to present this workshop because he discussed how since high school he has “had to stretch himself very thin.” While he was in high school, he worked two jobs and helped run his dad’s farm while going to school and doing homework. After high school, before deciding to go to college, there was a period of time where he was working two full time jobs and practicing to become a tattoo artist in his spare time. This was when Silva began working on his stress management skills.

Many of Silva’s stress management tips relate to time management, specifically time blocking. Time blocking is scheduling every part of your day from waking up, showering, classes, work and schoolwork. He also said “actually scheduling when to eat” is key to his time blocking because he must make sure that he doesn’t use too much time even for the little things. He prefers to have time blocked right after class so he can “turn around and start working on homework.” He uses this to keep up or even work ahead in class.

His other tips included turning off distractions like phones. “Your phone is more of a hindrance than a tool.” He said when it comes to studying, it is easy to get caught up in social media. Another tip was working on the bigger and harder projects first, because if you do the easy ones first, you will feel accomplished early and won’t want to work on the hard stuff. He also added that chipping away at big projects helps him get ahead on assignments that might be due at the end of semester. Writing a paragraph for the paper every now and then will make the assignment feel smaller when the due date arrives.

He also uses the reward system as a way to encourage him to do his work. He said the reward system “gives you something to look forward to at the end of an assignment.” Other ways to make sure that your time is productive is to take breaks in between studying, get up and move around and do something unrelated to the task at hand. Another point that he made was to “get a system down” for yourself for all parts of your life. He wrapped up the presentation with the encouraging words “time is value, invest in it.”

David Silva is a graduate assistant in the Advising Center at ENMU working on his Master’s degree in Communication. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Animation in 2015 from ENMU.

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