Students Reveal Their Favorite Hangout Places

Ashley Dahle enjoys hanging out in the Family Consumer Science Building on Campus and the Courthouse Café off campus. The Chase photo: Matthew Dale

Around campus and around the community, there are a wide variety of hangout spots for people of all ages and interests. Some of these places are suited well for small groups, and others for larger groups, and there are places that have better spaces for different activities.

Ruby Sandoval, a student at ENMU, said her favorite place to hang out on campus is the Greyhound Lounge in the Campus Union Building. There are always events and activities happening there. She also said there are a lot of different games to play and always a lot of other people to hang out with. As for her favorite places off campus, she said she prefers to go to Clovis when she goes off campus.

Ashley Dahle, another student at ENMU who is currently majoring in family and consumer sciences with an emphasis in culinary arts, said she likes to hang out in the Family & Consumer Sciences building because “they always have food.” She also said that you might have to sneak in the building to get the food, but in the end, it is worth it because there is always a wide variety of delicious food. Another place she likes to hang out at on campus is the Golden Student Success Center. She said she likes the GSSC because “it’s really kind of cozy,” and it is a great place to relax, read or work on homework. Another favorite of hers is the Art and Anthropology building because it is “really chill,” and it has a “good atmosphere.” All of the different people in the Art & Anthropology building make it a great place to be creative, she said. Her favorite place to hangout off campus is the Courthouse Café on Main Street, which has grown since its beginnings almost two years ago.

The Courthouse Café opened as a bakery in Sept. 2018, then as a café in Dec. 2018. Mary Newell, the owner of the café, said students are drawn there because they “have really good food.” Their selection of food includes sandwiches and hamburgers, as well as a wide variety of beverages. They also have free wireless internet and “a cozy, comfortable area for people to sit around the fireplace.” The café is popular with people of all ages, from high school students to parents and people already in the workforce. The café is very busy during their lunch hour, but they are working on “simplifying the ordering system” by making it online to help make it a better experience for consumers. Newell also mentioned that that they are “seeing it pick up at night,” and as their dinner rush picks up, they plan to extend their hours into later in the evening.

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