ENMU Seniors Prepare for Graduation

Nicole Trujillo (top, by Shaylee Moon) and Mariah Moreno (bottom, by Clayne Williams) are graduating from Eastern New Mexico University in May with Bachelor’s degrees.

Nicole Trujillo is a senior at Eastern New Mexico University graduating in May with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication with an emphasis in journalism and a minor in graphic design. She first became interested in journalism in high school, when she was hired at her local newspaper as a photo journalist. Nicole said that she has always “really liked photography and photo journalism,” but it wasn’t until she came to ENMU that she found her “true passion for writing.” As for her minor in graphic design, she is a creative person who enjoys that aspect of graphics. Nicole, who is from Santa Rosa, New Mexico, has worked on campus in the Human Resources department on campus for three years and has been Editor-in-Chief of HoundBytes, ENMU’s online magazine, for the past year.

She said that her time at Eastern has been “one of the best experiences” that she has ever had. She also mentioned that when she first came to ENMU, she was worried that it would be too big for her because she came from a school where her graduating high school class was only around 40 people. However, part of what helped her settle into college life was the school’s staff; she said “each of the professors takes the time to get to know you.” She also said that all of her professors “have given [her] something that [she] will take with [her].” Right now, she is “trying to come to peace” with the fact that her time at ENMU is close to being over and is trying to enjoy her final weeks as a student. The people she says she will miss most are her co-workers and the professors that helped her get here. She said that she will also miss HoundBytes because she has “prided herself” in it.

Mariah Moreno is also a senior at ENMU graduating in May with a double major in Psychology and Criminal Justice. When she first started college, she was majoring in Pre-Med, but she enjoyed the Psychology and Criminal Justice classes so much that she changed her major altogether. While she is currently working with children, her dream career would be to become a criminal profiler for the FBI. Mariah is also planning to go to graduate school, but she said it will probably be somewhere on the west coast in Oregon or Washington. During her time at Eastern, she played tuba in the marching band for years, and she also played trumpet in the in the Jazz band. She also worked at the Hound Hub in the Golden Student Success Center, which also happens to be her favorite place to hang out and study on campus. She said that she will miss “the environment” at ENMU, how there is so much school spirit and “everyone having each other’s back.” Mariah said that it was “a blessing” to go to ENMU and also that it was always “motivating” and fun.

Some advice Nicole has for younger students is that in the beginning, college seems like it is hard and going to last a long time, but “enjoy your time at Eastern, it’ll go by fast.” She also said it is important to take advantage of all of the free events, programs and services that the school offers. The last piece of advice she has is “make the best time at Eastern you can.” Like Nicole, Mariah’s advice was to “get involved” because there is always something to do. She also said that college is not as hard as you think it’s going to be if you just put forth some effort.

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