How the Pandemic Affects Student Hire Positions

Due to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the nation, Eastern New Mexico University has set precautions to help fight and keep their students safe.

In order for ENMU to do its part in cutting down large gatherings, campus has closed. How do these abrupt changes affect students who work on campus and rely on their paycheck?

According to ENMU’s website, students will be paid based on their average weekly hours. Students working on-campus are allowed to work up to 40 hours within a two-week period, but this does not mean that students will always maintain working their maximum of 40 hours for each pay period. Some students may occasionally work only 30 hours within the two-week pay period. ENMU implementing this means students’ hours are being calculated by Human Resources to determine how many hours each student typically works. To determine the average, HR is taking the total number of hours worked and dividing it by the total number of weeks worked.

The ENMU website says, “student employees who are able to work on campus can continue to do so if permitted by their supervisor,” but the supervisors will first determine if the presence of student employees are necessary on campus. Many students can and are allowed to work from their home if they have already left campus. If so, the supervisors will determine work assignments and tasks for them to complete from their home. As for graduate assistants and student employees with a fixed salary, they will continue to be paid as stated in their agreements. Students who are on work-study or student hire will continued to be paid their weekly average hours through May 8.

The ENMU website now has a special banner on their homepage that, if clicked, navigates to the COVID-19 Health Advisory page related to many frequent coronavirus questions and concerns.

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