How to Stay Proactive During the Nationwide Pandemic

Since the close down of Eastern New Mexico University and the start of the statewide shut down of most places of business, staying proactive can be difficult.

Many people have a daily routine that they stick to, but during this nationwide pandemic it may be difficult to continue everyday as before. ENMU recently shut down the campus and currently has switched every in-person class to online. For many college students it can be particularly complicated take an entire class load online, especially if they are students who tend to procrastinate. Others might have an upper hand if time management is something that they are good at.

Lesley Arrieta is a senior at ENMU majoring in social work and works on campus as a peer mentor. Some advice she gives to the students that she mentors to help prevent them from falling behind are, “divide classes between days throughout the week, give yourself time limits to complete homework assignments, write down what assignments you need to do and check them off once you’ve done them.” She also mentioned that eliminating all distractions such as phones can help students to stay on track with their schoolwork. Staying in contact with professors and checking blackboard more than once a day can be beneficial in the long run.

Social distancing does not mean you have to be antisocial, Arrieta stated that she communicates with other classmates regularly. Talking with others such as classmates can make it feel as though you are still in your daily routine, which can make the reality of today less stressful. Arrieta mentioned that meditating has been a huge part of her daily routine in the past week to help relieve stress and anxiety.

Another ENMU student Reece Maxfield who is majoring in communications with an emphasis in public relations also gave advice on what she has been up to in order to stay proactive during the quarantine. “Making sure I exercise because it relieves my anxiety that I have. I’m big on going to the gym but now since it’s closed down, I like to run on trails with my dogs.” She stated that exercising is a great way to cope with stress during the pandemic and that getting out of the house in general helps with relieving stress and anxiety as well. She mentioned now that just about everything is shut down school is the only thing that she has to worry about, which makes it easier to focus on.

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