How Families are Dealing with School Cancellations

Families all throughout New Mexico are dealing will school cancellations and an alternative method for how students will be taught due to the nationwide coronavirus pandemic.

Elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and universities are forced to figure out alternative teaching mechanisms for students to continue their education for the remainder of the school year. The solution for most is to transfer their curricula to an online format. This could become problematic for families with only one computer but have more than one child.

For high school students, many school districts such as Rio Rancho Public Schools have developed online learning tools to help their students succeed. Jane Carson, who currently has two children in high school, said, “The school district has been very understanding and has put in lots of effort into trying to make the rest of the school year run as it was before.”

According to the Rio Rancho Public Schools website, students in the Rio Rancho school district were still technically on spring break until April 13. Teachers are prepared to use tools such as Power Teacher and Google Classroom to provide virtual instruction to their students. The school district is making the online teaching mandatory for every student within the district. Carson mentioned that this alternative method is great for students who are seniors in high school since it is important for them to finish school on time.

Another way of bringing education to the families of New Mexico is through the Public Broadcasting Service television program. According to the PBS website, the network will be partnering with Albuquerque Public Schools in “broadcasting student lessons during the COVID-19 crisis.” There will be daily content on their network, website and YouTube channel for students ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade. PBS has scheduled these programs from 8 a.m. to noon on weekdays on channel 5.1.

“These supplemental learning videos feature Albuquerque Public Schools educators in short segments, supporting a variety of subjects and grade levels, including English language arts, math, visual and performing arts, physical education, and more,” the website mentioned. It also noted that these programs will have sign language represented in the lower left portion of the screen and bilingual lessons are also available. This PBS daily program will give the chance for all students to continue their education from home and potentially avoid falling behind in their normal curriculum.

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