Keeping the Mind Sharp and Creative

For many, going to school five days a week has been part of their normal routine since the age 5. Many individuals crave routine as it keeps them in their comfortable state of mind. I think that this worldwide pandemic has been an interesting process. People are being forced out of their comfort zone and are learning how to adapt to the changes that have been put into place.

Recently in New Mexico, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has extended the state of public health emergency policy, which now encourages people stay at home until April 30. Universities like Eastern New Mexico University have closed their campuses to all students for the remainder of the semester. Unfortunately, I am someone who enjoys having a routine, especially when it comes to school. I have done a variety of school options throughout my life and online school was definitely my least favorite. But, just because I do not like these new changes, I do try and make the best out of every situation. Staying positive during this process can be a powerful tool to stay sound of mind. So far, I have managed to keep myself sane through this process by trying to stick to my normal school schedule as best I can and doing activities to keep my mind sharp and creative.

The best part of this stay at home policy is that people can work on things that they say they will eventually get to. Now is the time to start those New Years’ resolutions! I have been having my mom teach me how to cook and bake certain things. Not only is it fun, but it also passes the time and I always learn something new. This also helps to stay entertained and creative. With this new stay-at-home policy, it could be fun to challenge yourself to disconnect from technology. It seems when I am at home, I disconnect myself from technology with ease anyways. It has taught me to stay present and think about the things that are more important. Instead of complaining about nothing to do people should take this time to start new hobbies or complete old goals.

Instead of watching Netflix or Hulu during the statewide shutdown, I have been reading a lot more; before the statewide shutdown it seemed that I didn’t have much time for this. I think reading throughout this process is a great way to keep the mind thoughtful and relaxed. Playing more Sudoku has helped a lot too because it can help take the mind off of things. I have talked with friends and if you are someone who has developed a lot of anxiety or stress during this time, perhaps downloading a meditation app can be helpful.

If you are stuck and bored out of your mind because there is nothing to do, try remembering the things you did as a child. Remember the simple things such as the enjoyment of painting or drawing, because those are activities that can help to pass time today. Another thing to keep in mind is that everyone should get outside at least once a day. Just because we are all supposed to be social distancing does not mean that we have to be cooped up in our houses all day. Going outside to get some fresh air can be beneficial and make this statewide shutdown seem just a little bit better.

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