Easy At-Home Workouts

While we’re at home in quarantine, it can feel like the days are never-ending because we’re staying in the same place all day doing homework. Getting up and doing easy workouts every day is a good way to keep the body active, and it can provide the brain a break from studying. Exercise is a proven method of keeping the body healthy and even preventing medical issues like heart disease. Not only is exercise good for the body, it is also great for the mind; exercise has also been known to prevent or reverse depression.

One great option is performing certain yoga poses from time to time. The first pose is called Mindful Breath; this pose is just simply lying on your back and taking deep breaths. This pose can be used as a relaxation technique, and it can help lessen stress, reduce blood pressure and give you more energy. The second pose is the mountain pose; this pose involves standing straight up with good posture and having your arms hanging down a little out to the side. The pose can also help your breathing and mood, but it is important not to stay in this pose to long because it can strain your spine and joints. The third pose is the Standing Balance pose. For this pose, you should bring one of your feet up to your inner thigh while balancing on the other. For more balance, it can also help to press your hand together and hold them in front of your chest. The fourth pose is called Legs Up the Wall. For this pose, you are laying on the floor next a wall with legs up in the air resting on the wall. This pose takes the weight off of your feet and provides all of the joints in legs and feet a break; also, this pose can help with pain in your back and neck. The final pose is the Downward Facing Dog pose; perhaps the most well-known of all yoga poses. For this pose, you are bent over putting your weight on your arms and legs, with the center part of your body in the air at around a 90-degree angle if possible. This pose helps with balance and upper-body strength.

Other Easy Exercises

One simple workout can be just getting in and out of a chair. This is just standing up and sitting back down; repeating this several times can tighten your stomach and work your leg muscles because it is a similar movement to doing a squat, according to verywellfit.com. Another easy workout is going up and down the stairs; if you don’t have stairs at your house, you could just try doing some steps on your porch. This exercise is a great cardio that can be done without having to go jogging. The last is just getting up and down off the floor. This one is best done on a rug or carpet. The work workout can help your coordination, and it also works out many of the muscles in your body.

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