COVID-19 Updates from the White House Task Force

The White House has established a task force to fight the spread of COVID-19. Pexels Photo: Aaron Kittredge

On April 13, USA Today released an article stating that the United States has “surpassed Italy for the most fatalities worldwide” with over “20,000 deaths.” It also said that that all 50 states are under “disaster declaration.” Dr. Deborah Birx, physician and member of the task force is encouraging men to start getting tested more. The Associated Press quoted her, saying “56% of the people getting tested for COVID-19 are female and 16% of them tested positive,” while 23% of men tested positive. According to NBC News, the federal government is working with DuPont, a chemical giant, “to ramp up global production of personal protective equipment.” NBC News claims “the federal government offered to pay for chartered flights” that will take Dupont’s materials to Vietnam where PPE is made.

According to ABC News, President Trump is hoping for businesses to reopen in early May, while Dr. Anthony Fauci, another member of the task force, thinks that it should be more gradual and not until there is more widespread testing. ABC News has also claimed that administration officials have told them “the economic task force being set up by the White House is to find ways to have large sections of the U.S. open by May 1.”

Some states are now working together without the federal government to find ways to solve the Coronavirus Pandemic while also “reopening [their] economies,” according to ABC News. ABC News also reports that the Governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, said that they will be working with California and Oregon “on a shared approach for reopening [their] economies.” Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, has also stated that he will be working with the Governors of New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania to create a similar plan while also “taking into consideration the public health concerns and issues and the economic reactivation issue.”

The White House’s COVID-19 Task Force is made up of various public officials and medical personnel. Vice President Mike Pence serves as Chair of the task force, and Dr. Deborah Birx, the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, is the response coordinator. Some of the other members are Jerome Adams, Surgeon General of the United States; Alex Azar, United States Secretary of Health; and Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to name a few of the current members of the task force.

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