Portales Restaurant Adjusts To Shutdown

The Courthouse Cafe in Portales has taken every measure to ensure its employees' and customers' safety. The Chase photo: Owen Crowlie

During a radical change such as the current shutdown due to COVID-19, businesses have had to change as well.

Mary Newell, owner of The Courthouse Cafe, said in an interview that she has taken every measure to ensure employees are not potentially sick, asking any who feel unwell to see a doctor and obtain a note verifying they are not infectious before returning to work. Employees also were protective gear within the restaurant and when going on deliveries to ensure the safety of customers.

“Business is down about 30 to 50%,” Newell said. “But we’ve been fortunate, very fortunate to not have to terminate anyone. Big businesses around us, they’re buying bulk orders for their staff, and that’s really helping us. Deliveries have gone up too.”

The Courthouse Cafe is also offering a new service in the form of staple boxes filled with bread, eggs and bacon for residents who are having trouble getting normal parts of their diet at grocery stores. This service will continue as long as their supplier is able to provide.

As the shutdown requires businesses to adjust for the safety of the public, they face many difficulties in retaining their average business while paying unadjusted rent and overhead costs. If you are going to order delivery, don’t feel guilty, you’re supporting the local economy.

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