De-Stressors for Finals Week

As students approach the end of the semester there can be an overlapping mix of happiness and stress. The semester comes to a close, but not before each student has to endure a final given by their professors to officially signal the end. Many people have a variety of ways to deal with and prepare for their finals as well as combatting their stress and anxiety that come along with. For those who suffer from procrastination which can then lead to stress and anxiety, here are a few tips that can help:

  1. Stay Organized

Taking steps to stay organized throughout dead week and into finals week can be the number one thing that makes or breaks a successful outcome. Everyone has their own way to stay organized; some might be digging out those planners that haven’t been touched since the first week of the school year. Others might create a list and check things off as they are completed. Keeping track of what needs to get done can also help to relieve stress. Either way, find a method that works best for you in order to stay organized and finish the semester strong.

  1. Stay Active

Constantly doing assignments and studying can burn you out, so staying active whether it is keeping your mind, body or spirit active can be beneficial in the long run. Taking a break to color or listen to music can help keep the mind creative and help to reduce stress and anxiety. Getting outside for a walk or jog around the block can also help to refresh and remain stress-free. Others might do yoga or meditate to take a pause on the emotional strain of finishing all that needs to be done before the end of the semester. Whatever your go to activity is to stay stress-free be sure to take the time to do those to stay active and keep yourself sane.

  1. Stay Realistic

Trying to pull an all-nighter to finish everything can do more harm than good. Getting enough sleep each night helps you have a fresh mind and to do well on your exams. Many students are living on caffeine by this point, but what you should be doing is drinking enough water because not only will you stay hydrated, but it will also help to keep the mind sharp. So, stay realistic and plan out your days to end the semester on a high note. Cramming everything into one day will not benefit yourself and will end up causing more stress and anxiety.

Remember to keep a positive attitude through it all and stay motivated the semester is almost over. Hopefully these tips can help you end the semester strong and stress-free.

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