ASAB Transforms Campus Into A Chalkzone

Eastern New Mexico University’s campus got a makeover last week, thanks to the efforts of its own Associated Students Activities Board.

ENMU’s classes have gone fully online this semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but practicum students and faculty still visit the campus in safe numbers. The ASAB hopes to greet them with inviting, colorful chalk decorations and make the atmosphere of the space less lonely.

Valencia Owens, who corralled the ASAB’s efforts into this project explained that “There’s

not many people walking around, so for those few students and the faculty that are here when there’s no one else, they get to see a nice positive message and see that ENMU isn’t dead- we are still thriving and we’re gonna be back.”

Over a dozen students volunteered their time and spread their effort and creativity far across the various sidewalks lining the school’s campus. Many students wrote encouraging messages, such as ‘COVID Can’t Kill Our Vibe’ or a multicolored rendering of a banner reading ‘We Are In This Together’ that spans an entire walkway. A repeated phrase in the many of the drawings was ‘Together We Can’, all attributed to ENMU interim president Dr. Patrice Caldwell.

Owens confirms this phrase is a recurring mantra said by Dr. Caldwell at the end of her virtual meetings with the faculty meant to inspire them to persevere.

Despite the growing pains of adjusting to a new style of higher education, the ASAB shows that ENMU can still show spirit in a time where such a thing is not cheap.

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