Is There More Free Time This Semester?

Some students have more free time this semester, while others feel busier because of events being moved to online. Photo by Anna Shvets from

With the COVID-19 Pandemic having shut schools down around the world, the Eastern New Mexico University’s campus remains closed as well. Before the campus was shut down in the spring, there were different events going on around campus almost every day. This semester looks a little different, because with the campus being closed, everything has moved online. The move to online includes events and organizations; while there are a few less events, at least at the moment, they are still available for participation. However, the decrease in the amount of things to do has become apparent as students continue to adjust to learning from home during this semester.

Marivel Galvan, a Psychology major and Criminal Justice minor, has had a very different semester, like everyone else. In past semesters, she would often go to events including different sports events and movie nights, amongst others. She would go to the events “just to have fun and just to get out” it was also a great way to “get the college experience.” She also really loved the events presented by the Associated Students Activity Board, or ASAB, because they offered really “calm and relaxing” events that provided a way “not to really think about school.” As for the events being online this semester, Marivel hasn’t really attended any yet because “they don’t really feel the same.” She also said that because we are doing all of our school classes and homework online, events don’t feel different from school because they are also online.

Marivel feels that it is a “fifty-fifty split” as to whether or not she has more free time this semester. She feels like she can spend more time with her friends and roommates, but she also feel busier with school because it can take her extra time to get the work done. She is still involved with Spanish club and the Caduceus Health Society. However, she does feel less engaged in them this semester, because they “are very social,” so right now they can only check-in with each other. Marivel also feels less connected to her classmates and professors because most of the classes she took were hands on and in person. This has made the semester harder as well, because “being behind the computer screen” doesn’t help when trying to connect to people in class and trying to get the work done.

Alexis Olmos is a Biology major who started at ENMU in the spring; because she only got to go to school on campus for a couple of months before school shut, she never had the opportunity to go to events or involve herself with organizations. She also felt that because she was “pretty new,” she wanted to wait until she had made friends before going to events. However, with school being moved to online, she doesn’t feel as interested because it’s no longer possible to meet new people that way. However, she does feel that she has more free time this semester which has given her the opportunity to work more.

While both Marivel and Alexis mentioned different things; they also said that it is important to have good time management because that is how you give yourself free time. Though events are no longer in person, there are still plenty of events and organizations to participate in. For more information, visit the events calendars on the ENMU website.

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