Pandemic Food Tips

I for one have been guilty of ordering food a bit too much in recent months. The advent of contact-less delivery has made it entirely too easy for me to skip cooking meals and just grab whatever sounds good in the moment. It was not until I hopped on the scale a few weeks ago that I could see I needed to change a few things. For those struggling to eat better and order out less, I have a few useful tips to control cravings and get you out of the fast food rut.

1. Start small

While it may seem tempting to cut out junk food altogether, I can personally attest to the long-term problems with that approach. I would suggest that instead of quitting cold turkey that you simply cut down on a side or soda first. The name of the game here is making sustainable changes that do not stress you out unnecessarily. Small changes like opting for healthier sides and drinks are far less stressful than cutting those foods out entirely at once.

2.Try eating different versions of the same foods you know

I was convinced for most of my life that I absolutely hated broccoli. My mom only ever bought frozen broccoli, so I never took to it. After cooking it myself at home using fresh produce, it was completely different. Roasted veggies are now a dinner staple for me entirely thanks to the steppingstone that burning some broccoli afforded me.

3.Healthy alternatives can become quick favorites

I have recently discovered a brand of gluten-free veggie pizza that actually makes me excited to have dinner. The majority of my fast food intake recently has been in the form of pizza, so I decided to flip the script and see if I could find a healthier and cheaper option. As it turns out, veggie pizzas are an item I find myself looking forward to more as time goes on.

Each of these steps helped me to cultivate a more balanced approach to junk food. Instead of cutting it all out at once, I have actually lost more consistent weight by continuing to eat the foods I love, but to find healthier and lower calorie substitutions.

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