Wellness Wednesdays

Wellness Wednesdays is a special weekly event held on Wednesdays. It is a day that the Eastern New Mexico University’s counselors come together to express different situations ENMU’s students might be going through but are a little nervous about coming forward with their concerns. ENMU’s counselors talk about problems students have emotionally or physically while also expressing exciting facts that could help students adapt better to life at ENMU.

Wellness Wednesdays are held weekly on Wednesdays between 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The actual session is an hour long, but Eastern New Mexico University’s counselors stay on for an extra hour to answer any questions students might have. Each week the ENMU counselors will discuss news topics while also intertwining new guest speakers to elaborate more on the week’s issue.

Since ENMU is still on COVID-19’s social distancing guidelines, Wellness Wednesday has recently been moved online. Students can find this event and also other Wellness Wednesday past events on ENMU’s Facebook page. All students have to do is join the Facebook group. Once students have joined, they will receive weekly notifications about the upcoming Wellness Wednesday event, like what the topic will be on, who the guest speaker will be, and if any changes have been made with the event's timing.

ENMU’s Rebecca Quintana is the Wellness Wednesday coordinator along with being the Wellness Counselor. ENMU’s students can reach out to her or other counselors with any emotional needs they need to express. All they have to do is go to ENMU’s home page and click on Counseling Corner to find a form with a few short questions; the student should fill this form out and then submit. A counselor will message the student back within 48 hours of submission.

Also, if a student feels stressed or is going through a rough time that needs an immediate response from a wellness counselor, ENMU does have a hotline! The number is (575)825-1978 for any concerns or crisis. This hotline is open 24 hours. Everything that is spoken about is entirely confidential, so students feel secure at all times.

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