According to a report done by Georgetown University in 2015, about 40 percent of undergraduates and 76 percent of graduate students work at least 30 hours per week. As a full-time student and being employed full time, it can be frustrating and difficult to manage many different roles at once, but it's not completely impossible.

Not only do most students attend school and have a job but some also have families to take care of. Here are some helpful tips I implemented in my day to help me juggle life with a demanding schedule.

Time management is very important when organizing your To-Do List. I begin by prioritizing my tasks from the most important to the least important. Once I do that, I then categorize them by which task is going to take the longest to finish and which one is going to be the most difficult. The reason I begin with the task that's going to take the longest is so I can put the most effort/brainpower on the most difficult one. That way when my energy begins to decline, I can do the tasks that require the least effort.

One thing that I think is extremely important is self-care. You want to make time to do something that fulfills you outside of work and outside of school. Whether it be spending time with family, going out to eat, or even If it's just to lay down and do nothing. Just because we're not occupied at the moment does not make us lazy or unproductive. I make it a priority in my schedule to take some time out of the day to do something that I enjoy, to avoid burnout.

Many people have experienced having to make sacrifices when trying to accomplish their goals. I know several people who have powered through their master’s degree while working a full-time job and they all have something in common. They would stay at work after hours and work on schoolwork because this is when they felt they could concentrate the most and get stuff done. I recommend you find a place to make your designated study spot and organize it in a way that is free of distractions.

This next tip is often overlooked, but it is the most helpful. Think about setting mini goals for your assignments. For example, if you need to read a chapter for one of your classes and it is 20 pages long set a goal to read 5 pages throughout the day. Also, focus on one class a day instead of trying to do an assignment in each one of your classes. This helped me with feeling scattered-brained.

I hope these tips help you find balance and productivity in your academic career and your professional career.

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