5 Quarantine Glute Exercises

Do you want to create the perfect booty, but you are at the beginning of your fitness journey? And you’re tired of doing squats as your go-to exercise? Let me help you and show you my top 5 favorite booty exercises!

First, we want to warm up to get our muscles ready for our workout. I suggest starting with a little bit of cardio. Some cardio exercises include jumping jacks, running in place, or a walk around your neighborhood. Do these warmup exercises for 5-10 minutes.

Once you are all warmed up, we can begin our exercises for our perfect booty.

#1 Hip Thrusts

Hip thrusts are the perfect workout and my favorite to activate your glutes. Begin with doing 3 sets with 15 repetitions. You can do these with one simple piece of equipment, your couch! If you own resistance band, you can use them to increase the intensity. If you don’t have resistance bands and you want to add intensity, squeeze your glutes as you hip thrust upward and hold for 2-3 seconds.

#2 Donkey Kick

Donkey kicks are a great exercise and easy to get accustomed too in targeting your glutes. As illustrated above you get on your hands and knees and you kick upward with your leg in a L shape. Do this exercise for 3 sets with reps of 15. Just like exercise #1 you can add a resistance band to increase the intensity.

#3 Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are great when paired with donkey kicks because of their similarity. Fire hydrants target the sides of your glutes as opposed to donkey kicks target the center of your glutes. Can you guess how many sets you are going to do for this workout? You guessed it, 3 sets of 15! You can also use a resistance band for this exercise to increase intensity.

#4 Clamshell

The last exercise you can pair with #2 and #3 are Clamshells. This workout will activate your glutes as well as your hips to bring more definition. Like exercises #2 and #3 you can add a resistance band for extra intensity. Do this exercise for 3 sets with reps of 15.

#5 Good Mornings

To conclude our workout lets finish with some Good Mornings. For this workout you will need to stand straight, place you hand behind your head and bend down with a straight back and keeping a slight bend in your knees. Don’t forget, don’t lock those knees! Do this exercise for 3 sets with reps of 15.

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