Summer is around the corner! Summer is also the most anticipated time of the year for college students because for many of them it means vacation from school!

This is the time where students head back home with their families to spend some time in their hometowns. So, for those students who don’t get to go back home or perhaps are already in their hometown, what can they do for summer?

Here are 5 things that you can do to occupy your time this summer.

1. Cookout

Cooking out is one of the most underrated activities. Who doesn’t like to eat? Cooking out is always fun especially when you can play some games such as volleyball, cornhole, or a card game, if you’re not much of an active person. There is plenty of things you can do while cooking out and hanging out with friends, family, or anyone in your circle!

2. Volunteer

There are always places looking for volunteers. Research an organization that is in need of volunteers. I know it’s not the most ideal activity people want to do on summer vacation, but it can be one of the most rewarding. You never know who you will meet or if you find a passion for something in particular. Plus, it looks good on your resume.

3. Explore

Go out and explore your city/town. It’s easy to get occupied with your daily routine that you can overlook what your city/town can offer. Go out to a restaurant you normally wouldn’t go to. You can also go to your local chamber or if you have a tourist center and ask what the most visited locations in your area are. Take the time to explore because your community may surprise you. You can also take a hike/walk if you live in a small town, get creative.

4. Water balloon fight

Gather your troops and withstand the summer heat with a water balloon fight. No, this activity is not just for children it can be an activity for adults too! It is the perfect activity to have some friendly competition – just make sure you lather up with some SPF first.

5. Take an online course

Are you a bookworm? Do you enjoy learning even on your free time? Summer break is a great opportunity to expand your horizons without the pressure of still having to get you schoolwork done. There are several websites that offer free online courses and can even be specifically for the career you are pursuing. https://academy.hubspot.com is one of many websites that offers free online courses.

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