5 Tips for Thriving in an All Online Semester

2020’s average classroom

If you’re a student, you know that 2020 has been a year of constant adaptation.

Not only are you learning skills that will help you toward your degree, but you are also learning how to keep up with the changing times in the best way possible. We here at The Chase want to help you ease that process, so you can still excel as a student despite the circumstances. Remember, we’re all in this together!

1. Have a dedicated study space

Now that class, work and entertainment online all take place on the same device these days, try to establish a dedicated “study space” in your home. It can be difficult to focus on your school work or enjoy your leisure time if the two blend together. Try creating a space in your home meant specifically for your time in lectures, studying and doing homework as a means to create good habits and retain the discipline you had when going to in person classes.

2. Don’t keep yourself muted in Zoom calls

It’s easy to tune out when you are not part of the conversation and are in your own muted bubble. To get to most of out of lectures, try staying unmuted as an exercise to train your focus. This will be a big help to your teachers too, as it’s truly awkward for them to feel like they are talking to themselves.

3. Organize Zoom links into a Word Documents

Zoom is the mutual bane of teachers and students alike; between the errors and the organization, it can cause a lot of headaches. Instead of chasing down Zoom links in your email or on Blackboard, organize all of your most recent Zoom meeting links to a Word document so they are all easy to find and access. An additional benefit is being able to click on these links, which automatically enters the meeting’s passcode, unlike when you copy paste the link in the app or browser search bar.

4. Use a dedicated email app to get emails directly

Things are always changing and communication between students and their instructors is vital. Instead of frequently logging back into your email via a browser, connect your account to a safe device that is only accessible to you. This will mean that you always have the most recent information right as it is sent out, so you are never blindsided.

5. Communicate with fellow students and keep each other accountable

College is still about socializing! Be thoughtful and intentional when responding to fellow students in forums and build rapport. Talking with fellow students is a great way to check information, share notes, and keep up mutual accountability.

We hope these tips help you out over the course of this semester, and be sure to check The Chase within the following weeks for even more tips from a diverse group of students sharing what works for them. For your final bonus tip, have a great week!

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