Biden As President: What to Expect

Joe Biden has beaten Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, representing a major shift in policy for the executive branch of the United States.

What changes in focus can Americans expect for the upcoming years? Referencing Biden’s own campaign promises and past record, we can get an idea of what key points he will pursue during his time in the oval office.


During the Trump presidency America formally withdrew from the Paris Agreement, an international project to prevent global temperatures from rising. Joe Biden represents a potential re-entry for America into the global effort to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Biden promises to lay the groundwork to ensure America will be a “100% clean energy economy” by 2050 and plans to do so by investing 1.7 trillion dollars into clean energy sources over the next 10 years and incentivizing private businesses to enter the market. Biden’s site claims that the money invested will be accrued from reversing corporate tax cuts put in place by Trump.

While Biden emphasizes his goals for environmental policy, he has refused to consider plans to ban fracking despite support for such a policy within the Democratic party.

LGBTQ+ Rights

Trump, during his presidency, was subject to frequent criticism from LGBTQ+ activists. Biden claims to be in full support of the community and promises to affirm that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act will protect those of various gender identities and sexual orientations. This is a shift from the Trump Administration, which attempted to exclude transgender people from such protections. Biden also promises to reverse the Trump Administration’s transgender military ban.

Other proposed policy includes extended gender markers on government ID and investing federal funds into combating homelessness, which disproportionately affects those in the LGBTQ+ community statistically.

Gun Policy

The Biden campaign is firm in its position to ban the manufacture and sale of what they define as assault weapons in response to consistent mass shootings that occur in the United States. This is supplemented with plans to register currently owned assault weapons with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as a means to disincentive gun-based crime. As a means to reduce guns per capita, Biden plans to instate programs to buy assault weapons off of willing owners.

Of course, the president does not have absolute power over the United States, and many of these policies could potentially remain mere plans should they meet resistance from the legislative branch. Still, as citizens, understanding our leader’s goals are the first step towards holding them accountable—such being our civic duty.

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