Bond C Opens Possibility of Support for ENMU Funding

A placard from Eastern New Mexico University urging voters for a ‘yes’ on Bond C.

In the upcoming election, you’ll notice on the ballot “New Mexico Bond Question C”, which pertains to potential bonds that could assist educational institutions throughout the state of New Mexico.

If the people of New Mexico vote ‘yes’ for Bond C, $156.3 million worth of general obligation bonds will be generated to make improvements to public schools, tribal schools and higher education facilities such as Eastern New Mexico University. The funding for the bond will be supplemented by money collected from statewide property tax.

Concerning Bond C, ENMU’s President Patrice Caldwell stated, “We’re really excited about the opportunities this bond presents to the eastern system. Money will come to our campus in Ruidoso and Roswell for infrastructure projects that are really critical to health and safety: lighting, plumbing and electrical, and things you really need money to do and you really need money to maintain.”

ENMU in Portales also has its eyes set on upgrading the campus’ science building, which was initially built as a dormitory. Plans have already been drafted to allocate eight million dollars into improving the infrastructure and accessibility of the science building, and is expected to provide up to 90 new jobs for members of the Portales and Clovis communities.

The New Mexico State Department of Finance and Administration has confirmed that Bond C will not increase taxes in the state.

If you want more information about Bond C, and the potential benefits of it, visit

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