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Next semester is coming quickly; the CAPP Workshop taught students where to find the classes they will need to register for the spring semester.

On Tuesday, Oct. 27, Susan Cramp, the Advising Center Director, hosted a CAPP workshop to teach students how to access their CAPP evaluation degree plan. With the new spring semester right around the corner, the Advising Center wanted to make sure students know which classes they will need to register for ahead of time. This workshop was critical for freshmen, new students, and returning students who weren’t sure how to register for classes. If students need help, they should email advising at

Cramp began her workshop by sharing her screen so students can see exactly where she was going, and she advised students to open their Eastern New Mexico University portal to follow along. Once the portal was open, she explained that the first page that opens will have the student’s major, GPA, and how many credits they have completed. Freshmen should not be worried if they have a zero GPA, as it will change after their first semester. If there is no major showing, this could mean that the student has not yet declared one.

Cramp explained the steps on how to find your CAPP degree plan evaluation. On the left-hand side of the portal students will see the Launchpad area. In that section students will need to click on the Student Records to expand the section. Click on CAPP degree evaluation, which will take students to the select term page. Students need to make sure that the term selection is in the correct term for the next semester,then click submit. The Degree Evaluation page will then come up, showing the student’s current major.

There are four sections at the bottom of the page. View Previous Evaluation, which generates the evaluation the student looked at within the last 24 hours. What-if Analysis is where students can see what classes they will need if they are thinking about changing their major to something different. View Holds which shows students the hold that is on their account. The last one is to Generate a New Evaluation. Cramp instructed students to click on this section, which took them to a page that showed their major and the term, click on the circle next to the major, and told students not to worry about changing the term; it is set to the student's anticipated graduation semester. With this step is finished, click on generate report.

The Unofficial Evaluation page will then open. On the top of this page, students will see the major they are registered in, the credits they have taken and how many credits they still need, and their GPA. Students will need at least 120 credits, 30 of these credits from ENMU within Portales, 40 hours of upper-division hours, which is about 14 classes, and a 2.00 GPA to graduate.

On the bottom of the Unofficial Evaluation page students will see the classes they will need to take to finish their degree. If there is a NO on the left-hand side of the class, this shows that the student has not yet taken or passed the class. If there is a YES on the left-hand side of the class, this means the students has taken and passed the class. On the right-hand side of the classes that have already been taken shows how many credits were earned and the grade that was received for that class.

Registration for the spring semester begins Nov. 2. Students should evaluate their degree plan and then register for their classes as soon as possible to make sure they have a seat saved.

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