Challenge, and How We Grow

This has been a semester rife with uncertainty and fear, stemming from both the pandemic and how it is has changed how we all go to school.

Life had to continue on as normal while totally reinventing normal, all with the pressure of an invisible threat looming over us. For many of us, that meant taking on the difficult task of adjusting how we learn and work; something that has proven anxiety inducing and taxing on one’s strength. Between training myself to be a better online student, and learning how to develop a news story entirely from my own bedroom (as did the rest of our staff), I find myself feeling worn out as we approach our winter break. I’m sure that you feel the same in your own way.

Despite whatever troubles or failures, we’ve been faced with through all of this, I just want to acknowledge the achievement of trying and making it at all. This is a semester in which conditions were perfect for no one, be it students or faculty. So often Zoom’s junkiness prevented me from attending class and operating entirely online can invite technical problems into what would otherwise be simple interviews for The Chase. In these past 14 weeks I have not been at the top of my game.

But who could be? If I had to build and drive a car at the same time it’d be incredible, I could get it to run at all, and it would not be worth comparing it to a Ferrari built under the best of conditions.

So, I am of the opinion that we should be kind to ourselves when we reflect on it and not take this time to self-criticize or put down. If you could make it to the finish line at all, that is an accomplishment in itself. What we as students proved was our endurance and ability to adapt, two skills that will prove just as useful as memorizing facts or equations if not more so. I urge you to give yourself credit, for I earnestly feel you deserve it. We all do.

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