Dark Mode versus Light Mode: Which is preferred on Campus?

Dark mode vs Light mode, one of the most debated settings to happen to the cellular device. But why? What is the deal about the light setting?

A couple of things. One being it affects the brightness. Another being it affecting battery life, Dark Mode being better at increasing battery life.

The Chase conducted a short informal survey across the ENMU campus. We asked over 30 people on campus, all ages, all grades, and all genders. Out of the 30 people who got asked which they prefer, light or dark, 80% preferred the dark mode. The remaining 20% preferred light mode. It seems that age is a major factor The 80% of the people that would choose dark mode, were under the age of 25.

Shaun Watson, a 20-year junior, said “I prefer dark mode simply because it is easier on the eyes. The black background with the white letters makes it easier on the eyes and easier to read.”

“Being that my eyes are getting old, the white background makes it easier for me to read. The dark mode makes me feel like I have to really look at my phone to read something.” Riley Price.

90% of the participants also reported choosing dark mode over light mode because it is easier to use social media. When asked what platform you prefer to have use dark mode on, 70% said twitter, 20% chose Instagram and the remaining 10% chose dark mode when texting someone.

“Using dark mode on twitter is great when it is nighttime, and you are in bed. When it is dark IN the room and light mode is on, it forces you to adjust your eyes constantly where dark mode, its already easier on the eyes.” Said Josh Lewis.

The point behind the light and dark mode is that the black backdrop is supposed to help reduce the light emitted by a device while holding the same minimal contrast to make sure people can read still. This adjustment has helped readers and phone users all around the world and with this small change, it sets up for a bigger and better change that can be in the future.

This survey showed that even the smallest changes on a phone can make the biggest difference. With phones getting handed to people at young ages, the dark mode seems like it is going to be staying for a while.

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