Dr. Patt Makes Cooking As Easy As That

Dr. Patt instructs ASAB’s own Samuel Coronado in making Pan Fried Noodles

Innovating around the inability to host in-person events, the Associated Students Activities Board has creatively utilized Zoom in order to host a real-time cooking class.

The show was hosted by Eastern New Mexico University’s own Dr. Pattarapong Burusnukul (affectionately known as Dr. Patt), who, while typically is a professor of marketing and hospitality management, spent his youth working in his father’s own restaurant before becoming a co-owner for some time. As he opened the class, Burusnukul enthusiastically commented “I get to combine my two passions together, cooking and teaching.”

Sparing no production value, the course was filmed live at KENW using the kitchen set from “Creative Living” and broadcasted to Zoom via television grade cameras. Meanwhile, the ingredients being worked with were intentionally chosen for being affordable to the average college student. Despite both meals being able to feed up to 3 people, the total cost of all the ingredients only came up to 14 dollars.

For the demonstration, Burusnukul made a hearty and spicy “Yum Yum Thai Salad” with ground meat and vegetables and lime with habanero to give the dish an endearing edge, and a Pan Fried Noodle from a Ramen noodle packet. Step by step instruction was given, with students being able to ask for clarification and tips in real time as they followed along. Many students even turned on their webcams to show off what they were making, making it an interactive cooking show with quite the extended cast.

As a participant, I made my own Pan Fried Noodle along with the class, and can personally recommend the recipe for anyone who loves Thai cooking or doesn’t know that they love Thai cooking yet! The full class can be found on YouTube, under the title “ENMU ASAB presents Cooking Made Easy with Dr. Patt”. Burusnukul’s hosting is animated and engaging, and you’ll certainly come away from it with an impressive and inexpensive skill: the perfect combination for any student.

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