El Portal's Fall 2020 Launch Party

El Portal is Eastern New Mexico University’s literary magazine, which accepts ENMU students’ previously unpublished short stories, creative nonfiction, poetry, photography, and art.

El Portal held their fall 2020 launch party on Nov. 6. During their launch party, they had guest readers Cody Wilhem, Lucy Martinez, Paula Jennings and Robert Rene Galvan, read their poems and stories. They also gave out cash prizes to student contributors in fiction, poetry and artwork

The winners for the El Portal launch party were:


1st - David Lisnek (Mike Matthews) "Silly Love Songs" ($100 dollar prize)

2nd - Emily Priddy "Bad Omen: January 1961" ($75 dollar prize)

3rd - Sara Kinard "I'm Not Afraid, Are You?" ($50 dollar prize)


1st - Cody Wilhem "What We Felt and Forgot" ($100 dollar prize)

2nd - Tenika Heidelberg "Fingers Crossed" ($75 dollar prize)

3rd - Lucy Martinez "Burning Flowers" ($50 dollar prize)


1st - Raven Lente "Medusa's Pain" ($100 dollar prize)

2nd - Paula Jennings "The Wedding Night" ($75 dollar prize)

3rd - Raven Lente "SELKIE" ($50 dollar prize)

If you are a writer, poet, photographer or artist and want to get more involved and try to get your work published, go to the El Portal Literary Journal website or click on the link to find out more information about their program https://elportaljournal.com/. To submit your work, there is a submission button on the bottom left of the website you can click on, or click on this link to take you straight to the submission page where it explains the rule for each submission and how to submit https://elportaljournal.com/submissions/.

If you have any questions about this program and what it has to offer, email Tiarra Bolling at tiara.bollig@enmu.edu. She is the head editor of the El Portal literacy magazines.

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