ENMU Offers Students a Study Abroad Program

Eastern New Mexico University is offering students a study abroad program organized by CONAHEC (Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration) Exchange for the Fall 2021 term.

Applications are opened until Feb 28. According to CONAHEC’s website CONAHEC is a non-profit organization registered in the USA, membership-based network of approximately 160 institutions of higher education in Canada, the United States and Mexico, as well as a select group of institutions from other parts of the world.

Studying abroad is something many of us see in movies. Many students grow up wishing and wondering what it's really like to study abroad? Like what is it like when we see in the movies? Is it expensive too study abroad? Studying abroad is a great experience for any student that has the opportunity to be a part of a program.

Perhaps It's not exactly like the movies, you get to go out to a different country and learn new culture and new education system meet new people you know minus the dramatic events a movie will include. And no, it's not expensive to join a study abroad program.

To join the study abroad program all you have to do is meet the GPA requirement and as far as financially, you pay the institution you are currently attending. For example, if you are attending ENMU and you get into the study abroad program, you only paid tuition fees to ENMU. You can also talk to your financial Department about scholarships and grants available to you for additional funds.

Now let's talk about how studying abroad affects you and your education. It can be challenging to leave your country and your family, and to learn a new culture. However, studying abroad can have many rewards that outweigh the challenges.

Studying abroad is rewarding and can provide unique experiences for students. By enrolling to the study program students have the option to pick which country they would like to go study abroad. They have options from going to Spain to Taiwan and even to Korea. The chance to pick their institution gives students the ability to travel to a country that fulfills their interest.

Education is also a great benefit of studying abroad. Going to a different institution and country to study gives the student an experience of a different education system. Allowing them to have access to different tools and options to see what best fits them. Also giving them the skill to apply these different techniques for their future endeavors.

One of the benefits that students look forward to the most is to learn a new culture. Mei Reeder, the study abroad coordinator at ENMU states “Students can expect to experience and learn a new culture that is different than what they are used to in the United States.” Having the education in a different culture enriches an individual and creates a better understanding of the complexities of different cultures. Cultures determine the values, morals and how people live their lives.

Not only do students experience different culture but also the opportunity to make new friends and create new adventures. Having different friends that are part of a different culture can help shape a different mindset for students.

Reeder says, “Students can also expect the study abroad exchange will expand their horizons of new perspectives”. Having the experience of studying abroad can be applied to a student’s career. Depending on the career path you choose there can be several opportunities in different countries once you graduate. Employers can see the credibility you have to take on a role in a foreign country.

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