ENMU Presents Post-Midterm Workshop

On Thursday, March 25, Eastern New Mexico University presented a workshop to help students succeed in the second half of the semester.

The workshop, titled “The Almighty ‘A’ and the Forever ‘F’!?? Busting That Myth and Bouncing Back from Bad Grades,” provided students with a new understanding of what a midterm grade really means in the short and long term and how to improve the situation. It also provided resources that can be used to help productivity and manage stress. The workshop was presented by Susan Larsen, the Director of Counseling and Career Services, and Susan Cramp, Director of the Advising Center.

Larsen began by emphasizing that midterm grades are not permanent. She emphasizes that they’re just a wakeup call. She also thought that midterm grades should be thought of like an alarm clock, because it shows where the student is at in the class and how much work will need to be done in the second half of the semester.

She also said, “You have the power to change those grades.” This can be done by seeking help, changing or developing study habits and strategies, and improving time management skills. She made sure to note that midterm grades do not show up on transcripts, and that the grade can be fixed before finals.

To add to the point she was making, Larsen told a story about a time she was in a job interview for a special education teaching position, and the interviewer asked if she had ever struggled in a class. She said, like everyone else, of course she struggled in a class. Larsen mentioned that she particularly struggled with math classes.

Larsen also stressed not to skip classes, because the first class is always the hardest to skip and after that it becomes easier.

Cramp pointed out that it is important to know your limits when performing any task, including giving and receiving help with said task. Larsen added that when she was a student, she was never one to ask for help; instead, Larsen said that we would just stop showing up to class because she was embarrassed that she was struggling.

During the workshop, Larsen presented “The Hand Model of the Brain” created by Dr. Dan Siegel, a psychiatrist and professor at the University of California Los Angeles School of Medicine. The model shows movements that can be done with the hand to promote mindfulness and act as a stress reliever.

Both Cramp and Larsen also discussed the term “M.O.O.M.B.A.,” which is an acronym for “my only obstacle must be attitude.” They suggested that this could be the problem for a student’s issues with a class, and the solution would be to adjust one’s attitude to solve the problem.

They also suggested that students know all of the ways to connect with everyone from their classes, including the instructors, and the resources that are available to them because it will also help in succeeding each semester.

To conclude the workshop, they suggested some apps that could possibly help increase productivity and manage stress. One suggestion was the app called “BoosterBuddy,” which is designed to help improve mental health and build good habits. Some of the other app suggestions were “Clear Fear,” “Breethe” and “Daylio.”

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