On March 31 Eastern New Mexico University presented a workshop to help students determine a suitable major.

The workshop focused on the best ways to determine what kinds of majors and career fields fit with particular personality types. It also featured ways to help determine what careers might go along with a person’s interests. The workshop was presented by Susan Cramp, the Director of the Advising Center, and Susan Larsen, Director of Counseling and Career Services. They also showed programs that can be found on the internet to help determine personality types and one’s own interests, as well as gave tips to help determine the right major for each individual.

Although the workshop is generally geared towards freshman, and other underclassmen, it was open for everyone. Both Larsen and Cramp mentioned the benefit of doing this workshop, which focused on understanding early on what kinds of jobs are most suitable for certain types of people. The point of this workshop is to help determine a major to study or to change one’s major to better fit an individual’s personality and interests.

The workshop began with Larsen and Cramp asking workshop attendees to consider what kind of jobs they wish to have in the future and determine what skills they already have and what skills still need to be acquired. Following this, they asked participants to determine their key personal qualities they each possess, because each person will use these in the jobs in which they are imagining themselves.

Cramp said that her best personal quality is organization, which she is able to apply to all aspects of her job. Larsen on the other hand, said she was more of a “go with the flow” kind of person. Larsen said she is also able to use this; even though her best personal quality is different than Cramp’s, Larsen said her personal qualities are just as useful in her job.

Next, they asked the workshop’s participants to determine which of the six basic job values are most important. The values included achievement, recognition, working independently, relationships at work, and being supported or working conditions. People usually look at these values when determining the workplace and job they want to be in.

After this, they had participants go to 16personalities.com, which is a free comprehensive personality test. Each person must answer a series of questions regarding different qualities one has, scenarios one might be in, interests, how one makes decisions and various other questions.

At the end of the test, each person is given a personality type based on the answers they provide. The website provides in-depth information for each personality type, including the best kinds of career and work habits. Also, Cramp has further information that she can provide for each personality type, if the participant sends her the personality type identification code.

The last activity Cramp and Larsen had participants do was on careeronestop.org. On this website, each person is asked to take an interest test; each question has someone rate how they would feel about doing a certain activity. The results show types of jobs that would best suit an individual’s interests and provide further information about job outlook and qualifications needed for that job.

Cramp and Larsen also encouraged all students to reach out to them for job and career advising, as well as any other assistance or counseling.

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