ENMU Student Organizations Adapting

Student organizations at Eastern New Mexico University are formed to represent students’ interests and to provide valuable experiences to those who participate. These groups range from recreational clubs to Greek organizations and Student Government. Recent months have seen most universities close their doors to the public over safety concerns. Some student organizations have experienced a need to adapt in order to continue operating, implementing several changes in order to stay afloat in these trying times.

The Theta-Zeta chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity is one of the largest student organizations at ENMU. During normal semesters, the fraternity maintained a well-rounded social calendar, scheduling various events and fundraisers throughout the year. The recent pandemic has seen the group adopt several changes in order to address safety concerns and to follow government guidelines.

“We have tried to make our events virtual when possible. Guys that are out of town are able to attend meetings online and we really tried to make everything as accessible as possible to those that are away back at home,” said chapter president Jesus Castillo.

“We have been making sure to implement the use of masks, temperature readings, and various other tools to ensure the safety of all our members. Social distancing rules were a bit tricky at first but have become part of every-day life for those that live here,” said Castillo.

“It’s been very important for us to stay on top of our grades during this time, and for us to follow the rules set in place for us. We have been stressing to our members the importance of these rules and urging them to keep safety in mind when doing anything,” Castillo said.

“The safety of the organization’s members and guests is the main concern at all times for us,” Castillo said. From checking guests’ temperatures to virtual recruitment strategies, the Theta-Zeta chapter has been implementing a variety of strategies in order to adapt to recent events. For any further information regarding the Kappa Sigma Fraternity or any other student organization, please visit:


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