Midterms are already here again, and two students provided their perspectives about how they are feeling about this semester and the upcoming midterm exams.

Midterms week at Eastern New Mexico University, this year, will start Monday, March 8, and end Friday, March 12. During the week, students’ schedules will be different from usual, because the majority of instructors will have some sort of midterm assignment. However, not all instructors choose to give an exam, it depends on the type of class and the instructor.

Alexis Olmos, a Biology major at ENMU, is in her third semester at the ENMU, she first began in the spring, 2020 semester. She initially didn’t like taking online classes, but has been able to settle into taking them over the past year. Olmos is currently taking two classes, a biology lab and a psychology class; she said she is “doing well in both.”

Olmos did feel that the beginning of this semester “was stressful,” because she was initially a full-time student and working two jobs; she “felt like it was too much to handle,” so she cut down her course load to succeed in the classes she did choose to complete.

As for midterms, Olmos said she “is not worried, because both of her professors have provided enough material” to adequately prepare for their exams. She also added that she feels “like her professors have been teaching well… where [she doesn’t] feel stressed as much.” She mentioned that she began studying about a week ahead of time, but has been taking notes and organizing her study materials all semester.

She said that she, “is not concerned about midterms being online this semester, but that she used to have different opinions on the matter.” Her previous concern was because she is “more of a hands-on learned,” but has been able adjust her learning style.

Gabrielle Smith, a Communication major with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in business, is in her fourth year and graduating from ENMU this Spring. She is taking six classes this semester; though she feels comfortable taking her classes online, she said that she doesn’t “necessarily enjoy it”.

Smith said, “that she is doing well in her classes, but tries “not to put too much pressure on herself, otherwise she will overthink and stress out even more.” However, she emphatically added that “this semester has been stressful, in addition to the whole year.” One

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