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With Major League baseball starting, there has been a new way to get closer to the game while also feeling like you are a part of the game.

San Diego Productions and Major League baseball have teamed up to release the new video game MLB The Show 21. With new features like stadium creator, Road to the Show, and franchise mode, you will feel like a player, manager, and fan all at the same time.

MLB The Show has been around since 2006, but how do they get better gameplay every year? Simple, they get the feedback from many Facebook groups, tweets, and any other type of review on the game, and they make the needed adjustments to the game. These adjustments are what bring more people to buy the game every year. Every year, the people want something new and something that will suck them into the game and convince them to keep playing. With the new stadium creator, road to the show, and franchise mode, players will have options on how they want to use their gameplay.

Road to the Show is a game mode that will make every grown man feel like a child again. In this mode, you get to create your own player and play every game while trying to get your player to the major leagues. You start off in the minor leagues and go through challenges and clutch moments to help secure your spot in the major leagues. If you want to feel like an MLB manager, franchise mode is the option for you.

Not only do you get to create your own jerseys, but you also get to draft guys and manage the team to a World Series. You get to deal with the small things like setting up lineups, marketing the team, and working the trade market. The last thing that MLB The Show has that fans have been waiting for is stadium creator. In this mode, you get to make a stadium however you want. From 50-foot-high walls to 300ft fences in length, you get to adjust the whole field to your liking.

One big bonus they added in stadium creator is having the options on how you want the outside of the stadium to look. You get to control the venues; you can add building to the back and even have a plane flying over your stadium throughout the game. The options are endless.

MLB The Show is a game for all ages and will make you feel more a part of the game than ever before. With the game being on all platforms, you can play with friends and family whenever you want.

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