Getting Involved in a Virtual Campus

Getting involved in college is essential; it helps with the transition to a whole new chapter in life. Getting involved can be hard when everything is virtually online.

Even since Eastern New Mexico University has moved entirely online because of COVID-19, students can still get involved within the college. At ENMU, over 60 student organizations are tailored to students’ interests, whether academic, recreational or social. A student can find these organizations under Greyhound Life on the ENMU website. Click on student organizations, and there it will show all the organizations and explain what they are all about and what they have to offer.

Once the student has found the organization of choice, an email address is right next to the description. Email the head of the organization and ask them what their pandemic restrictions are and how to get involved. Unfortunately, some organizations might be closed for the fall, but they will hopefully reopen for the spring if the pandemic slows down or goes away. On the plus side, it is great to know already what is available and how to get in contact.

Along with organizations, there are also online events that students can attend to stay busy and learn new and unique ideas. Clubs and organizations have come together to bring virtual events students can attend. There are poetry workshops, art workshops, and other fun events students can be a part of while following social distancing guidelines.

To be updated on these events, students can find them on the ENMU website or Facebook. To find specific events, students can look up the organization’s Facebook and find them there as well. Here at The Chase and Houndbytes, we strive to keep all students updated on all the exciting events occurring within ENMU and the Portales community. Students can find us at and

The virtual world can be challenging and sometimes lonely, so look around and get involved. There are so many exciting and fun events happening and wanting more students to join. Remember, we are all in this together; let's end this year with some fun!

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