Getting to Know the Student Body President

Every year, the Eastern New Mexico University student body elects a new student body president who they believe will be the most fit to be the bridge between the students and the faculty. This year the driven student to take on this position was Hannah Stout, last year’s student vice president.

Stout is currently majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Sociology. When she graduates this December, Vice President Enrique Carrillo will be stepping up to take over the duty of student body president. Before this happens, Stout has quite a lot on her plate. She is not only the liaison between the students and the faculty, she is also head of the Executive Branch of Student Government. She runs the full operation. For example, she is responsible for the SGA budget for special events. She is in charge of coordinating students to university committees where faculty talk about different university functions so they can have student input on the objectives. She also appoints student senators and assists them with their duties.

Her main goal, she said, “is to make sure you know I am here for the students and that I serve them.” Students can email Stout at with any concerns or ideas they might have involving the university.

Being the student body president can be a tough job. When asked why she decided to move up from student vice president and become the student body president, she said, “While I was vice president, I got to talk with students and kinda get to know their story, just even get to help them with their academics, maybe voice their concerns if they were having an issue in their classes. I found it really rewarding and I kinda wanted to do it more.” With that being said, with the election coming up, she applied to become the president as the student body government.

When asked about her thoughts on the recent presidential election, she explained how amazed she was with how under such harsh conditions with COVID restrictions still in place that the American government found creative ways to keep everyone safe while being able to vote for the next United States president. She explained that many difficult obstacles had to be strategized around and worked through to make sure the safety of Americans were always put first, and it was interesting to watch them put it all together to make the voting process happen.

If students are interested in becoming part of the SGA, they can apply by going to the ENMU student government page, or click on this link: and click on the “Join student government”. They can fill out an application to apply for a position. Stout is always looking for students to get involved with the university communities and would love to have more student step in and be the voice.

"If you have passion, are driven and want to be a student leader, join SGA," stated Stout.

Eastern New Mexico University is honored to have such a dedicated student body president who takes pride in her work between the students and faculty. This semester has been difficult with COVID holding ENMU back. Stout has been the voice of the students even through an unforgettable year.

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