The Greyhound Sound is looking for students to participate in Eastern New Mexico Universities Marching Band.

Dustin Seifert, Marching Band Director at Eastern New Mexico University, is hoping to recruit students who play the woodwind, brass, or percussion instruments to join the Greyhound Sound.

Rehearsals are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12:10 p.m. to 1:50 p.m. at Greyhound Stadium. There is no audition or experience required to join the Greyhound Sound Marching Band. Seifert explains that they spend a lot of time at band camp to teach students the style and fundamentals of the Greyhound Sound Marching Band.

Seifert also explains why he doesn’t require auditions to be a part of the marching band.

“My biggest goal is getting as many students as possible to participate,” Seifert said. “I want to remove any barriers or perceived barriers to participation.”

Last fall, because of Covid-19, the marching band was completely virtual. Students had to record themselves playing their instruments, submit them to Seifert, then the recordings would be compiled to mimic a band performance.

This spring semester students have the option to participate in person or virtually. They are also rehearsing in person. There will be a concert at the end of the spring semester where all students even the ones who are virtual will have the ability to participate in person.

For the upcoming fall semester, Mr. Seifert hopes that campus life can return to some kind of normal where classes can be fully in person, the marching band can have outside rehearsals, play at school events, and students can return to stay on campus.

“I hope that everyone will feel safer the next fall so we can bring campus life to the campus,” Seifert said.

Mr. Seifert states that the having to do everything virtually has affected the Greyhound Sound Marching Band and ENMU as a whole in retaining students. He explains that extracurricular activities such as the marching band or the chase creates a bond between the school and students and each other.

By the school going virtually it has been a challenge in trying to retain and recruit students and has obligated teachers as well as students to think outside the box. Teachers have been forced to find new ways for students to interact and build those connections and ties as they would in person.

“The first thing that they can expect is a family atmosphere,” Seifert said, “students are more like brothers and sisters then they are just a typical college student, it's a great way for students to connect socially with others and form strong typically lifelong relationships with other people who have interest similar to them.”

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