On Wednesday, March 31, Britt’Nee Brower of the Inuit Tribe of Alaska did a presentation about the tradition clothes that her tribe wears.

Brower is an Anchorage, Alaska based businesswoman; she works to revitalize arts, language and traditions of the Inuit people. She was born and raised in Utqiagvik, formerly Barrow, Alaska, which is one of the northern most towns in the world. She incorporates her passions into her business where she sells clothing, jewelry and art that utilize Inuit designs and traditions.

She first began her presentation by discussing some of the traditional clothing that she knows how to make, including mittens, trapper hats, mukluks (boots) and other kinds of clothes. She can also craft rings, earrings, chokers and belts for jewelry and accessories, and she also knows how to create artistic pieces, including carving, sewing, beading and sculpting.

Spirituality “is one of our very important Inuit values,” Brower said. Part of this spirituality includes respecting animals. In her hometown, she said they do a lot of subsistence hunting for their food. She added that they do not like to waste any parts of the animals or to take more than what they need. She also mentioned that they pay respect to the animals by wearing traditional Inuit clothing.

Brower also discussed the regions in which Inuit people are most prominent in the world. One of the top was the United States, but only in Alaska. There are also significant Inuit populations located in Canada, Greenland and Russia.

She also showed various photos of traditional Inuit clothing and art made by various designers, including herself. Many of these designs are available for purchase on her website. Brower can be found online at:

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