Multicultural Affairs Hosts “Tres Vidas” in a Night of Latina Celebration

Important Latina women were brought to life Monday night in the musical performance “Tres Vidas”, examining their lives and work through song.

“Tres Vidas” is a chamber music theatrical piece with actress Rosa Rodriguez portraying Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, Salvadoran massacre survivor Rufina Amaya and Argentinian poet Alfonsina Storni. In each scene, Rodriguez provides a first person monologue about the life of each woman, before transitioning into song accompanied by piano, cello and percussion. The result is a rich tapestry of artfully woven history accentuated by personal stories, paired together with talented musical performance.

The event was hosted and freely provided to Eastern New Mexico University students by Multicultural Affairs, in conjunction with the Florida based Core Ensemble. Attendees accessed the concert via Zoom, where they could watch the pre-recorded performance alongside Core Ensemble members, with breaks between scenes to ask questions about the historical significance and lives of each woman.

While typically performed live, Core Ensemble adapted the piece effectively to a virtual format, incorporating green-screen effects behind Rodriguez to accompany her performance with images of Kahlo’s paintings, the wilderness of El Salvador and natural imagery that was said to inspire Storni’s poetry. “Tres Vidas” is full of intermingling cultural expressions that come together as a well realized whole.

Michael Parola, who acted as executive producer of the show while also providing percussion, enthusiastically answered students’ questions when they probed for more details, providing further context for inquiring minds. Meanwhile, actress Jenyvette Vega impressed upon attendees the importance in this cultural landscape to emphasize the importance of both women and Hispanic people.

Those seeking illuminating experiences such as this should monitor upcoming Multicultural Affairs events, and keep an open mind to concerts over Zoom. They might just be surprised by what they find.

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