New changes are arriving at the Golden Student Library at Eastern New Mexico as a team has paired up to release a new, updated version of the GSL website.

Website update creators Christy Ruby, David Burch, and Paul More came together with their ideas on how to make the GSL website easier to use while also giving it a fresh coat of paint. With the new update, faculty and students will soon be able to navigate through the website without feeling overwhelmed, all while keeping access to the old data that was useful about the website.

There are going to be many improvements including feature updates, design updates, and easier access to links and pages that you may be looking for.

“Our goal was to make sure we took care of what needed to be fix and keep what was working for us. One of the things that we kept from the old website is the search props and we also kept the link to all the data bases,” said Ruby.

When asked what some of the complaints were that they have received in the past, I was told that the library had a hard time getting to certain links and people wanted a cleaner website design.

This update wasn’t a spur of the moment decision, either. There were a few complaints that led to the websites redesign. Two of the major complaints were that certain links were difficult to find for users, and that the website design should be cleaner.

“Students should be able to find what they are looking for in just a couple clicks and that was one thing we really cracked down on,” said Ruby.

With this update, Ruby and the other creators hope that the website will be streamlined and easier to access. They also hope that the updated design and aesthetic will make the website easier on the eyes, with old designs being cleaned up along with some brand-new designs making an appearance.

As the anticipation for the release of this new update builds, Ruby and the other creators are working to ensure the expected features work. Student and staff won’t be able to check it out until sometime this summer when the update is planned to be released.

“We are hoping for nothing but good feedback once the website is updated,” Ruby said, “we can’t wait to hear about all the good things everyone likes.”

If there is one thing to look forward to at ENMU this fall, it’s the new Golden Student Library website that has features and updates that will hopefully help make online research for ENMU quick and simple.

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