Runnels Gallery Holds Portrait Drawing Event

Runnels Gallery presents a portrait drawing event by the department’s alumni. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from

Runnels Gallery at Eastern New Mexico University is currently holding a portrait drawing event. Since the campus is closed this semester, the event is not in person. People can submit photo portraits of themselves and have their portrait drawn for them based on the picture. All students, faculty and staff at ENMU are welcome to send their photos in and can receive the drawings of them for free.

The submission deadline for this event was Sunday, Oct. 4, so the department is no longer accepting new participants. If you did send in a photo, you should be expecting a drawing of yourself in at least two business weeks. The portrait will be drawn by an ENMU alumni from the art department. Also, because all artist’s styles are different, photos from different artists will have different styles. Artists will be matched to the people who are in their style of art.

The event is being put on by Runnels Gallery; all photos that are drawn will be featured in a public exhibition at a later date, likely this year. The drawn portraits will be returned to your email once they are drawn, but if there are a large number of submissions, they may not be able to accommodate everyone. Also, if the photo you submitted was out of focus or too dark or bright, your portrait will not be drawn.

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